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#505 : Chapitre quatre-vingt-un : Retrouvailles

Résumé : Tandis que la bande reprend le fil de son histoire, le lycée de Riverdale affronte un avenir incertain. Pendant ce temps, les relations se tendent entre Toni et Hiram.


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Chapter Eighty-One : The Homecoming

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Chapitre quatre-vingt-un : Retrouvailles

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Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)

Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)

Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) & Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)

Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan) & Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)

Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) & Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) & Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook)

Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook)

Alice (Mädchen Amick), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Tom (Martin Cummins), Veronica (Camila Mendes) & Kevin (Casey Cott)

Alice (Mädchen Amick), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Tom (Martin Cummins), Veronica (Camila Mendes) & Kevin (Casey Cott)

Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) & Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) & Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

Kevin Keller (Casey Cott)

Kevin Keller (Casey Cott)


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[Riverdale – Pop’s]
Jughead (voice off): There's an old adage, "You can't go home again," which was certainly ringing true for us. Archie had been in a war, Betty was an FBI agent, Veronica was married, Toni was Queen of the Serpents and I was a published writer. So why were we only talking about how the town of Riverdale had fallen and Archie's pipe dream to somehow save it? Probably because it was easier than the conversations that awaited us.

[Riverdale - night]
Jughead: Why didn't you reach out?
Betty: I didn't think you wanted me to after you left me that voicemail. On the night of your book launch? After that, I just assumed you didn't want to hear from me.
Jughead: That wasn't my intention. I'm sorry if it came off that way. It was nice to see you, even if it's strange to be back here, just deeply uncanny.
Betty: Same old Archie, though. Trying to save everyone.
Jughead: Good luck with that, dude. I mean I have a book to write.
Betty: Yeah, after Pop's retirement party, I have to get back to Quantico. It's good to see you, too, Jug, even though it is a bit weird.

[Riverdale – night – A street]
Archie: That's some rock on your finger, Ronnie. He must be a great guy.
Veronica: Chad? Yeah, he is, underneath the bluster and bravado. What about you, Bugle Boy? I'm sure you've had a swarm of lovers.
Archie: I don't know about that. The last real relationship I was in... was, well, it was with you.
Veronica: Devil-may-care fling never hurt anybody, Archie. Besides, you should be having fun at this point in your life. Because once you're married... Well, that's why this is just a quick jaunt for me. I have to go back to my life, my husband.
Archie: Yeah, for sure.

[Betty’s home]
Betty: Mom?
Alice: Shh.
Betty: I brought you a vanilla milkshake, extra thick.
Alice: Oh, thanks, sweetheart. Will you put in the fridge? Keep your voice down. The twins are finally asleep.
Betty: Sure. Is Polly home yet?
Alice: Nope. Not yet.
Betty: It's pretty late. Where is she?
Alice: Oh, you know, out and about at work. You know your sister.

[Veronica coming to the penthouse - sighs]
[Archie getting to bed at the El Royale]
[Bunker – Jughead is listening to his voicemails]
Samn: Jones, it's Samm. Where the hell are you? And where are your pages? Scribners...
Forsythe Jones, you currently owe $9,876 to Premiere Credit. If you do not pay the outstanding balance within 24 hours...

[FBI satellite office]
Kevin: So, how did the Bughead reunion go?
Betty: As well as it could have, considering not all of us could be happily shacked up with our high school sweethearts, Kev.
Kevin: Uh, FBI agent, high school drama teacher.
BI'm technically not an agent yet. Oh, my God.
Kevin: What? What is it?
Betty: Charles. He kept files of everyone in my family, including me and... tapes of our phone conversations, I think.
(Betty inserts a tape in the tape player)
Polly: Edgar, is it really you?
Betty: No, bitch, it's your sister.
Polly What?
Betty: And you're as good as dead to me now too.
Polly: What the...

(end of the tape recording)
Kevin: Is that...
Betty: Me, calling Polly on Halloween years ago.

[Hiram’s office]
Veronica: Let's just get right to it, Daddy. I want back in on the family businesses.
Hiram: I'm confused. Don't you live in New York?
Veronica: As it so happens, Chadwick and I are looking for a weekend home, possibly here in Riverdale.
Hiram: I see. Well, unfortunately for you, Hermosa moved the rum business to Miami. And I sold la bonne nuit to Toni Topaz years ago.
Veronica: Without telling me?
Hiram: It must have slipped my mind. Like how you forgot to tell me that you were marrying Chad. By the way, if you're truly interested in a weekend home, might I suggest a property in SoDale?
Veronica: Oh, you mean Stepford for bougie mobsters? No, thanks. I'm good.

[La bonne nuit]
Toni: So you want me to give you a job?
Jughead: I just need some quick cash. Kinda hoping you could hook me up with something short-term.
Toni: You're lucky I'm even willing to serve you, Jones.
Jughead: What? Why?
Sweet Pea: What the hell is he doing here? No way, Toni. No way.
Fangs: Gathering some research for your next book there, Jones?
Jughead: Hang on. Are you guys actually upset about my novel?
Toni: You made the Serpents look like fools in it.
Jughead: You mean the Vipers? The Vipers were the good guys. I didn't use your actual names.
Fangs: You think people around here couldn't figure out who, what was that one character's name, "Toothy" was?
Sweet Pea: Yeah, or Pop Eye?
Toni: You mocked our Serpent traditions and codes, and now you're asking for our help?
Jughead: Toni, guys.
Toni: Okay, I'll help. I'll give you some advice. Watch your back, Jones. You've made a lot of enemies in this town.

[Riverdale high - Principal Weatherbee’s office]
Archie: Principal Weatherbee, as I wrote in my email, I'm here to relaunch Riverdale High's RROTC program.
Principal Weatherbee: Archie, I meant to reply, but it's been chaotic, to say the least.
Archie: What's up?
Principal Weatherbee: It's looking like Riverdale High might not be opening up its doors next Monday. Like everything else in this town, our budget's been cut almost to nothing. Thanks to...
Archie: Hiram Lodge. Is there anything I can do, sir?

[Riverdale high – Toni’s office]
Toni: Alice, you're on the PTA. Any word on which way the school board's leaning?
Alice: The board has some serious doubts. I mean we're a skeleton crew here. Kevin, you're teaching what, five classes?
Kevin: Drama, Debate, Biology, Gym and Sex Ed.
Toni: So are we dead in the water?
Alice: Not yet. There are some members of the board that would like to see the school stay open if we can prove that we have the personnel and resources that are required, which is questionable.
Toni: Well, the board will hear arguments before the vote, right? So we should all be there. I'll speak, and in the meantime, let's target the board members who are still waffling and work on them. If we lose this vote, we lose this school.
Archie: And that's another nail in Riverdale's coffin.


[Riverdale – Pop’s]
Jughead: It's Tabitha, right? Tabitha Tate?
Tabitha: It is. And you're Jughead Jones.
Jughead: Yeah, I am. Hey, I noticed that you're looking for a new waiter. I'm definitely interested.
Tabitha: Thanks. But this definitely isn't the right job for you.
Jughead: You don't even know me.
Tabitha: Also, you can't just sit here all day using my internet. You have to actually order food, not just coffee. And then you have to pay for said food. My grandfather did things his way, and I do them mine. And the first rule of my diner is no running tabs.

[La bonne nuit]
Hiram: Toni Topaz.
Sweet Pea: You lost, old man?
Toni: It's okay, guys. I got this. Look, you can save your breath. If you're here to bribe me or threaten me into giving up the fight to save Riverdale High...
Hiram: How many students do you have?
Toni: A hundred or so.
Hiram: What if I offer them all a scholarship to Stonewall? They'd be getting a world-class education at zero cost.
Toni: Except for the fact that you're on the board at Stonewall Prep, which means on some level, the school must reflect your morals, which I'm not okay with.
Hiram: What if I told you that there was an open counselor position with a corner office and a big, fat paycheck?
Toni: Thanks, but no thanks.
Hiram: So we're playing hardball, huh?
Toni: I guess so.

[Betty’s home]
Betty: You know, it used to be Kevin and I would sneak peeks through that window, hoping you were shirtless. And now you're spying on?
Archie: Ghoulies. They've turned the house into a drug den.
Betty: Well, that tracks with everything my mom says about this block. I'm sorry, Arch.
Archie: It's only temporary. Like Hiram Lodge trying to close down Riverdale High. I'm taking this town back, Betty, building by building, if I have to.
Betty: Well, I can help. I mean, I trained with the FBI.
Archie: I may just take you up on that, but first, I need a little more information.

[Sheriff’s office]
Archie: Where's the rest of your team, Sheriff Keller?
Sheriff Keller: You're looking at him. Mayor Lodge cut my budget to the bone. I got no support staff and no deputies. And I'm covering the whole damn county by myself. Unless, of course, you count Hiram's private security force.
Archie: They're connected to SoDale?
Sheriff Keller: No, they work out of SoDale, but they're corrupt as hell. You should who's running the force. It's Reggie Mantle.
Archie: Well, maybe Reggie can help me with my Ghoulie problem.
Sheriff Keller: You call him, he'll tip 'em off. I mean, he's probably getting some kind of a kickback from them. You're not gonna get any help from Reggie.
Archie: Well, not knowingly, anyway. You may not have any deputies left, but you still have their old gear, right? Kevlar vests? Batons? Now you might want to dust them off, Tom. I'm gonna do some recon first, but after that, we're going in.

[Veronica’s home - Videoconferencing]
Veronica: I've been thinking a lot about your offer, Trudy. Is that job still on the table?
Trudy: Hell yes, it is. The Morris William Agency would love to have you as a sports agent. But what about the whole LA of it all?
Veronica: Well, I've been wanting to give the West Coast a try for a while now. Let me make some arrangements and I'll get back to you. Okay?
Trudy: Okay.
[Veronica’s home – Tries to buy a flight ticket]
Veronica: First class, of course.
Flight employee: Yes, of course, Miss Lodge. But I'm having a little trouble with the credit card on file.
Veronica: Really? That doesn't make sense. Let me get back to you.
[Veronica’s home – Calls Chad]
Veronica: It's so weird, Chad. I was doing some online shopping, and our American Excess card was declined. In fact, all of our credit cards were declined.
Chad: Yeah, the same thing happened to me. But don't worry. I'll have it sorted by the time you get back to New York. Which is when, exactly?
Veronica: The retirement party's in two days, so probably the day after that.
Chad: Well, hurry. I miss you.
Veronica: I will. I miss you too. Bye.
Smithers: Miss Veronica. Excuse me for interrupting.
Veronica: No problem, Smithers. What is it?
Smithers: I've noticed the same car parked out front for two days now, a black sedan with tinted windows. I fear you're being watched followed.
Veronica: I wouldn't be surprised. But is it a "Welcome back to Riverdale" gift from my father or a not-so-subtle message from my over possessive husband? Either way, it's time to get creative and bring an old friend out of mothballs.

[Pawn shop]
Veronica: How high are you willing to jump for these?
Seller: Let's say twenty grand for both.
Veronica: I'll take thirty, but it has to be in cash. Like, right now. Also, you wouldn't by chance, happen to have any tasteful, discreet ladylike revolvers tucked away somewhere, would you? You know, this being Riverdale and all.
Seller: I might have something.

[Betty’s home - night]
Betty: Oh, my god, Polly! You gave me a heart attack.
Polly: You're the one pointing a gun at me.
Betty: Sorry. Old habits. It's also 3:00 in the morning.
Polly: Well, you can go back to bed, I'm not a burglar.
Betty: Hey, can I... make you a cup of tea, at least? Polly, I want to apologize to you. I wasn't there for you on the other side of the Farm when you needed me most. Also for prank calling you that year on Halloween, I really didn't mean what I said.
Polly: Well, it's a deep cut, Betty.
Betty: Yeah, I know. I haven't forgotten. If it's not too late, I'd like for us to be real sisters to each other.
Polly: How long you in town for?
Betty: Just a couple days. But once I finish at the Academy, I'll be home a lot more.
Polly: I'm surprised you're not already running the FBI.
Betty: I don't know about that.
Polly: I've missed you, Betty. Mom, the twins... we've all missed you.

[Betty’s home - morning]
Betty: Good morning.
Alice: Good morning, honey. How'd you sleep?
Betty: Well, I woke up when Polly got home. Does she usually stay out that late?
Alice: She's working at that nightclub, The Roving Eye. She waitresses a few nights a week.
Betty: Is that a good thing?
Alice: She helps with the mortgage, gets the twins everything they need. She's doing her best. We all are.
Betty: Oh, I know. I just remember the Roving Eye can be sketchy.
Alice: Okay, that's not fair, Elizabeth. You don't get to pop in, take a look around and judge your sister. Or me, for that matter.
(knocking on the door) Ooh. Can you get that? It might be Toni.
Toni: Did you see the morning paper, Alice?
Alice: "Local school counselor runs seedy bar and snake dances."
Toni: It's a hit piece. Hiram Lodge is trying to ruin my credibility in the eyes of the school board.
Alice: Well, I'll run damage control. I'll call each board member if I have to.
Toni: Good. In the meantime, if Hiram Lodge is trying to drag the Serpent Queen down to his level, he's gonna get himself bit.

Jughead: Archie, what's up?
Archie: Jug. How's the Five Seasons? Room service every meal?
Jughead: Morning, noon and night.
Archie: Look, I got an idea for Pop Tate's retirement gift, but I was wondering if maybe one of us should say something. You know, give a speech about Pop Tate. And since you're the world-famous writer...
Jughead: Yeah. Yeah, I'd love that.
Archie: Okay, great. Thanks, Jug.

[Archie’s home]
Archie: Reggie, it's good to see you, bro. I appreciate you coming out.
Reggie: Duty calls, Mantle answers. You having trouble with your tenants, you said?
Archie: No, I'm having trouble with the gang bangers who are using my house as a drug den, I said.
Reggie: Well, let's see if there's any merit to your claims. It's messy, but I'm not seeing any evidence of drug paraphernalia.
Archie: Okay if we keep looking?
Reggie: Nothing in here, but stale cereal.
Archie: All right, let's check upstairs.
Reggie: I'm sorry, Andrews. I didn't see any contraband anywhere.
Archie: Yeah. You know, it's almost like somebody tipped off the Ghoulies. All right. Well, there's nothing more for me to say or do. But thanks for your help, Reggie.
Reggie: My pleasure, bro.

Pop: Feels strange to think of not working at this place.
Jughead: Well, on the bright side, you won't have to deal with annoying customers like me anymore.
Pop: Now you know I had a lot worse than you in here, Jughead. And it all worked out, didn't it? I lived to see my retirement. And you, you're a big-time writer now. Always knew you'd make a good...
Jughead: I'm sorry, Pop. Uh, those are debt collectors.
Tabitha: Hi there, gentlemen. Counter or booth?
Debt collectors: We're looking for someone. Been known to hang around here. Jughead Jones. Seen him?
Tabitha: No, I think I'd remember a weird-ass name like that. What do you want with him?
Debt collectors: You just give us a call if he comes in, okay, sweetie?
Tabitha: Oh, I'll be sure to do that, pumpkin. Bye now.
Jughead: Thank you. It's not the greatest first impression.
Pop: How much you need, Jug? Maybe I can loan you some. I've been saving up...
Jughead: I'm low, but I'm not low enough to take your retirement money. I'll figure something out, I always do. Thanks for the interview. See you tomorrow.
Tabitha: Hey, Jones. If you still want it, the waiter job's available.
Jughead: Okay. In a couple days, could you just call them and vouch for me and say I have a job? I'll send them half my weekly salary so they don't break my legs.
Tabitha: Yeah, I think I can do that.

[Mantle Motors]
Reggie: Long time no see, Ronnie.
Veronica: Reginald, I know you've been working for my father, so let's skip the pleasantries.
Reggie: Fair enough.
Veronica: I need to buy a car. Nothing flashy, just in good shape and with excellent gas mileage. I'm paying cash.
Reggie: Who you runnin' from? Your husband? Is that how you roll now?
Veronica: I'm not running from anyone, Reggie. I'm taking the path of least resistance, and I'd rather not leave a paper trail. Now, will you sell me a car or not?
Reggie: If you're in trouble, talk to your dad. Like really, talk to him. 'Cause he'll help you. Even now, still, with whatever you need.

[Betty’s home]
Betty: You're sure you saw Polly?
Archie: No doubt about it.
Betty: So she's hanging with the Ghoulies, probably using.
Archie: Seems like that's a safe bet. I'm sorry, Betty.
Betty: I'm not sorry. I'm pissed. So my question is, when do we kick their asses?

[El Royale]
Archie: All right, thanks to Reggie Mantle, I have enough intel to sweep and clear the site.
Fangs: How many Ghoulies are in your house?
Archie: I counted a dozen in these zones. We hit 'em hard, we hit 'em fast.
Sweet Pea: Nice. It's been too long since the Serpents rumbled with the Ghoulies.
Kevin: Calm down, Sweet Pea. I don't want anyone dying today, especially not my boyfriend.
Betty: Hopefully, they've dropped their guard and we can find some narcotics in the house.
Archie: And like Kev said, no one gets killed. None of us and none of them. Wouldn't mind breaking a few bones, though.
Sweet Pea:  Hell, yeah.

[Archie’s home]
Betty: Okay. Three, two, one. Go.
Ghoulies: What the hell? Get 'em!
Betty: You good?
Archie: Yeah, you?
Betty: Yeah.
Kevin: Jingle Jangle. Just like the old days. They've got a lab set up in the bathroom. Will that be enough to put 'em behind bars, Agent Cooper?
Betty: Yeah, Kev, that should do it.

[Betty’s home]
Voice over the phone: The Roving Eye.
Betty: Hi, this is Polly. I'm just calling to get my schedule for the week.
Voice over the phone: Polly Cooper? You haven't worked at the Roving Eye for over a year. Who is this?

[Riverdale High]
Principal Weatherbee: Bad news. Two more teachers have defected to Stonewall Prep, Ms. Crouton and Mr. Cedars.
Kevin: Damn it, Ms. Crouton! That backstabbing...
Toni: We've got a bigger problem. I had one of my girls break into my Hiram's office to see what dirt we could use against him, and she found his secret agenda for the town hall meeting.
Kevin: I love that it feels like we're in an episode of Successions right now.
Toni: And besides deciding about Riverdale High, Hiram is also putting forth a vote to unincorporate the town. Based on the receipts, seems as though he has enough people bribed or terrorized into passing the motion.
Archie: Wait, unincorporate the town, what does that even mean?
Alice: It means that all the money that the town gets from the state for public services, for maintenance, for education, it goes away. It means that Riverdale as a town, ceases to exist.
Archie: So Hiram Lodge will finally get what he's wanted for years... The death of Riverdale.
Toni: So his precious SoDale can thrive.
Kevin: But if that happens, would we even be able to keep the school open with the board's support?
Alice: Technically, yes. But it's going to make it much, much harder.
Toni: So we need to fight harder. Alice, I'm going to need you to go on RIVW and blow the whistle on Hiram's plan. He was trying to keep it secret so no one would show up and oppose him, but we need the public there so they could vote against Hiram's plan.
Kevin: Okay, but what about our teacher problem?
Archie: I think I can maybe help with that.
Alice: Oh, do you know any qualified teachers with degrees? Because that's what it takes to be a public school teacher.
Toni: What if Riverdale went private? That way we could choose who we wanted.
Principal Weatherbee: Yes, but we'd lose all public funding.
Toni: Well, if the town unincorporates, we lose funding anyways.
Kevin: We need an investor.
Toni: I think I might know someone. Archie, if you have any favors to call in, now is the time.

[Hiram’s office]
Veronica: Reggie suggested I come see you again. I've been running around town trying to vamp my way out of a problem, when really I should be facing it head-on. With, maybe, your help.
Hiram: Go on.
Veronica: Chad is threatened by my "alpha-ness." Because of that, he can be somewhat possessive and controlling. He was having me followed, but I just shot out his goon's tires. So...
Hiram: Ah, young love. I remember those days.
Veronica: I knew you'd relate. Which is why I'd appreciate you having a little chat with him, as only you can, Daddykins. Nothing too draconian, just tell him to stop trying to manage me or track me when I leave town.
Hiram: Why don't you tell him yourself?
Veronica: He's not taking my hints. But I'm betting the Hiram Lodge could be a lot more persuasive.
Hiram: And then you don't get your little Barnard-educated hands dirty, is that right? Hmm. So, just to be clear, you're officially asking me for my help?
Veronica: Sure. Yes, I am.
Hiram: Well, in that case... No.
Veronica: Come again?
Hiram: Remember you called me a dog and you told me that I needed to be taught a lesson? It's about seven years ago. You were cruel, Veronica. Brutal, when my body was just a mass of bruises. Well, now it's my turn to teach you a lesson. I warned you from the start that no one outside of this family would understand the Lodge ambition. You made your bed. You're gonna have to deal with Chad yourself. And if that means you have to to crawl into the mud to do it, then so be it. You're a Lodge, after all.
Veronica: You never had any intention of helping me, did you? You just wanted to hear me beg.
Hiram: Hmm. I assume you don't need my help finding the exit?

[Betty’s home]
Alice: But Polly, it's not every day that Pop Tate retires. We can bring the twins.
Polly: I told you I have to work.
Alice: Can't you take the night off?
Polly: Oh, my god. Mom, I said get off my back!
Betty: Polly, give Mom a break.
Alice: It's fine. Polly has to work.
Betty: Actually, I'm not so sure she does, Mom. I know you don't waitress at the Roving Eye and that you've been hanging out with the Ghoulies.
Alice: Elizabeth, stop it!
Betty: So how exactly are you making all of this money to help out with the mortgage and support the twins? Are you dealing? Tricking? Both?
Polly: It's none of your business.
Betty: Actually, it is because I care about you...
Polly: You don't live here. You deserted us, okay? Being a real sister doesn't mean coming in for one day and telling me how to live my life, especially when you don't know anything about it.
Alice: Wait, Polly.

Jughead: Samm, how are ya?
Samm: At the end of my rope. Scribners wants pages, or their money back.
Jughead: Yeah, I know, I know. I'm working on something else.
Samm: What? What have you been working on?
Jughead: Actually... Let me send it to you. Let me know what you think. Might be enough to convince Scribners that I'm not a one hit wonder. Okay, I'm e-mailing you......right…now.

[Archie’s home]
Archie: I'm grateful for your help, Betty.
Betty: Believe me, I'd rather be dealing with this mess than the one I made at my own house.
Archie: I'm sorry to hear about that.
Betty: It's okay. I'll be okay, I hope.
Archie: Hey, after Pop's party, I thought you and me, Jughead and Veronica could hang out, just the four of us. We haven't done that yet.
Betty: No, yeah, that's a nice idea. Let's do that.
Archie: Cool. Hey, do you want some pizza? It's the least I can do to thank you for everything.
Betty: Yeah. Pizza. Yeah, that sounds great.
Archie: I'm gonna take a shower first.
Betty: Oh, I sh... I... me too.
Archie: Do you wanna go first?
Betty: Should I go home first?

[Archie’s home - Bedroom]
Archie: Betty, what just happened?
Betty: I don't know. Something we've been wanting to do since high school, but never got around to.
Archie: Yeah, sounds about right. Just to be clear, we're...
Betty: Friends. Just good old friends. We're both single adults. We're allowed to have fun every now and then, right?
Archie: Yeah. And it's okay if we keep this to ourselves.
Betty: Yeah. Veronica's a married woman, and Jughead and I haven't dated for seven years, so... I think it's okay.
Archie: Okay, good.

Pop: What a gift! Thank you, Archie.
Archie: Oh, it's from all of us, Pop. It's a small token to show how much you mean to us, to Riverdale High, to the whole town.
Pop: You know, I had to drop out of school to take over running this place after my Pop, the original Pop, passed away. I never got to graduate. This means the world to me.
Archie: Jug's gonna say a few words.
Jughead: I think sometimes it can be hard to put our faith in this town. But I think Pop created something really special here, created a place for the lost and wayward souls of Riverdale to come to. And I think, that's more than jukebox or vinyl booths. It's... like a lighthouse in the storm. And Pop himself, he's many things He's a joker. He's a soldier. He's a cook. He's a really good listener. He's also a father. He's a son, and a grandfather. And to many of us and to me personally... it's about the only reason that I made it through. You gave us a home, Pop. Thank you. Archie: To Pop Tate who never let the lights go dark.
All: Pop Tate!

Toni: Cheryl, I'm glad you came. I wasn't sure you would, after I sent you my message.
Cheryl: It sounded rather dire, plus, Pop always added the drop of human kindness to whatever my order was.
Toni: Have you considered my ask to fund Riverdale and the new teachers it needs? It's the only thing that might, might... save the school.
Cheryl: Look, I came here to celebrate Pop, not get caught up in small town politics, Antoinette. And I can barely afford Thornhill's renovations as it is.
Toni: Cheryl, I know you think you're cursed, and the sins of your family are so great, there's nothing you can do to atone for them. But you're wrong. There's a war going on in Riverdale for Riverdale. We need you.
Cheryl: I'm sorry. I can't. It will start as something good, and end up corrupted, like everything I try to do.
Toni: If you won't do it for the town... would you do it for me? Please? If our love ever meant anything to you, help us.
Cheryl: If I gave you the money, who would these new teachers even be?

[Riverdale High]
Jughead: So you're really gonna do this, huh?
Archie: Well...
Jughead: Run the RROTC out of your old high school?
Archie: If I get a chance to, yeah. It's kinda why I wanted us to sneak in here, the four of us. Hiram's trying to shut this place down. And he's pushing to unincorporate the town, which would wipe Riverdale off the map.
Veronica: My father is nothing, if not consistent.
Archie: Oh, I think we can stop him, or at least slow him down.
Betty: How?
Archie: We become teachers here.
Betty: Mm...
Archie: I know it sounds crazy, but it's also a way to keep the school going, which means if Hiram wins the vote, we still have a defendable position, this school. And if we can save it, we can give people at least one more reason to stay in Riverdale. And in time, we can bring this town back to life.
Veronica: Archie... I'm married. I have a life back in New York.
Jughead: Yeah, and I have a novel to write.
Archie: Veronica, plenty of people commute to the city. And Jug, you always said, you do your best writing in a booth at Pop's. And it's not gonna be long... a month or two, just to give Weatherbee enough time to find permanent replacements.
Betty: I'm in. Quantico can wait a couple months, and I need to be here right now for my mom and Polly.
Archie: Thanks, Betty. Jug?
Jughead: I'd have to clear it with my new job. But why not? I'd like to shape some impressionable young minds.
Veronica: I'm in, too. I'll make it work with Chad. And considering that what's happening here is all my dad's fault... I need to give back more than anyone. And I didn't really wanna be a sports agent anyway.
Archie: That's awesome, Veronica. So... Bulldogs forever?
All: Bulldogs forever!

[Riverdale High]
School board: Before the school board votes on the fate of Riverdale High, Toni Topaz has asked to say a few words.
Toni: Good afternoon! My name is Toni Topaz, and I am a guidance counselor at Riverdale High. The point of a school board is to make sure there's equity, that kids of all ages, from all different backgrounds have equal access to education. Well, with the help of one very generous donor, I'm happy to announce that Riverdale High will be able to do that as a private school. And unlike other private schools, Riverdale will be tuition-free. And we're bolstering our teaching staff with notable alumnus like Sergeant Archie Andrews, FBI trainee and Yale graduate, Betty Cooper, businesswoman and Barnard grad, Veronica Gekko and acclaimed author, Forsythe Jones III. So spread the news far and wide, that Riverdale and its children, will not be at the mercy of Hiram Lodge's destructive whims. Thank you.
Principal Wheatherbee: That's very nice.
Kevin: That was better than Kendall Roy's speech at the end of season two.
HAnd now, I'd like to introduce what I hope will be my last motion as Mayor, a proposition to unincorporate the town of Riverdale. All those opposed? All those in favor? Majority wins. The township of Riverdale is hereby dissolved.

Jughead (voice off): What had taken decades to build was toppled in the blink of an eye. With the rap of a gavel, Riverdale was no more. And yet, life continues.
Jughead: Samm, I was gonna call you.
Samm: Jones, Scribners loved your story about the old man.
Jughead: They what?
Samm: Yeah. They think it's your next book and a slam dunk. Apparently, there's, there's a huge market right now for tragic Americana, dying community, all of the miserable people who live there, you know, we'll call it Elegy for a Small Town. What do you think?
Jughead: Ah... No, I don't wanna write about that.
Samm: You don't have a choice, Jones. This is your ticket under the literary grave you dug for yourself. Now you need to deliver. Understood?
Jughead: Yeah, understood.
Samm: Thank you.

[Betty’s home]
Betty: Hey, Mom. I checked upstairs. The twins are playing, but Polly's still not home. I'm worried.
Alice: You know your sister. She gets angry, storms off. God knows when she'll be back. This is what happens. But this one's on you, Elizabeth.

[Veronica’s home]
Veronica: I'm not coming home just yet. I'm gonna stay in Riverdale a little bit longer, Chad.
Chad: Oh... why is that?
Veronica: My alma mater, Riverdale High, has fallen on hard times and needs my help. So, I'll be teaching there.
Chad: That's absurd.
Veronica: No, no. What's absurd is you freezing our credit cards, especially since I made most of the money that's in our joint accounts. Yeah. So, if they're not unfrozen in the next, say, 30 minutes, I'll consider it an act of aggression. You know, like you having me followed. And the next time you see me, it'll be on Wall Street, on the floor, when the markets open Monday morning. And this she wolf will tear out your throat in front of all the other alpha dogs, with zero hesitation.
Chad: Is that it, then? Are we done?
Veronica: You have 30 minutes to reactivate our cards.

[Archie’s home]
Archie: Jug.
Jughead: Hey... Sorry, it's late. Wondering if you could, uh... use a roommate, now that you're in this big, empty house all by yourself.
Archie: Yeah, what happened to the Five Seasons?
Jughead: It's a little rich for my blood.
Archie: Come in.

[Betty’s bedroom]
Voice over the phone: Hey, it's Polly. Leave a message.
Betty: Polly, it's me again. I wanted to say that I'm sorry about what I said before. I really had no right to judge you, especially after being gone for so long. It wasn't my place. So, I wanna tell you that I love you, and that I'm here for you. So just call me. And I'll come find you, wherever you are or I'll see you when you get home. Just please, please, please, come home.

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